July 17 - August 6, 2017

Tribal Canoe Journey

A collection of films chronicling the 2017 Tribal Canoe Journey along Coast Salish ancestral highways from Nisqually to We Wai Kai and We Wai Kum Nations.

FEBRUARY 6, 2017

San Francisco Two Spirit Pow Wow

February 4th, 2017 Annual #BAAITS Two-Spirit Powwow in San Francisco

FEBRUARY 28, 2017

Native Americans Are Running 4000 Miles

These runners and walkers will cross twelve states, eighteen mountain ranges and touch down in 54 tribal communities to end toxicity.

January 23, 2017

Indigenous Women Rise in Eureka

Indigenous women from Karuk, Hupa, Yurok, Wiyot, and Tolowa-Diné, march in solidarity with all people from every corner of the earth.